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Asset: Game Maker GUI System
Type: Function collection
Built for: Game Maker 6.1 or later
Version: 6
Description: The Game Maker GUI System is an open source GUI system created in pure GML. No DLLs, no resources required. It's easy to use and very customizable. Most of the GUI elements works by just using 1 or 2 functions and then they handle themselfs without your intervention. The GUI system does have some minor bugs, which will be fixed, but it's not a priority.

  • Textfields
  • Unlimited amounts of windows with almost flawless depth handleing
  • Radio buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Progress bar
  • Buttons
  • Short cuts
  • Content box
  • Drop down menu
  • Drop down list
  • Color selector
  • Message boxes
  • Tabs
  • Sliders
  • Tool bar
  • Sliders

Downloads: Download from