This little page is devoted to our current projects, might it be engines or games. Mostly they just contain information about the project, but they might also contain beta downloads or even early stages source codes. Feel free to browse around and check them out.

Current project

Name: Cog Gear engine
Short description: C++ game engine using DirectX
Version: 0.1.1
Description: The Cog Gear engine is a user friendly gaming engine for C++. The engine uses DirectX 9.0c as a base, which ties it to the Windows platform. With this engine, you do not have to do any tedious setups or annoying window creations. All you need is a bunch of functions and you have a basic, yet functional game. We will hopefully be able to release a useable beta version soon.

  • Sprites(animation, rotation, scaling, transprency, alpha)
  • Surfaces(tiles)
  • Views
  • Mouse input(absolute, relative)
  • Keyboard input
  • Pain free setup(only 2 functions to create a window, no libraries only a .cpp file and a .h file)
  • Basic collision detection(rectangles, triangles)
  • Basic math(radians conversion)
  • Resource managment, just load them and get going
  • External file handeling(open, read, write)
  • Text(bitmap fonts)

To come:

  • Better collisions(2D polygonal)
  • Sound
  • Basic GUI system
  • Networking
  • Better file reading support
  • Basic scripting language
  • Easy to use, integrated debug system
  • 2D primitives(circles, polygons, rectangles, points, triangles...)

Downloads: None
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