Hi and welcome to Liquid Gear teams website.
Our goal is to provide you with free, high quality games and game assets like sprites, templates and more! Everything on this is free to use and downloadable without any site registration or signup. Great, huh?
We hope you will enjoy your stay. Please use the Contact us page if you think there is something we need to know.
Regards, Liquid Gear team


Liquid Gear team looking for a spriter at 2009-12-23 12:22
We are currently looking for a spriter that is willing to work for us for free. We do not have very high requirements, but you must be able to do pixel spriting as well as banners and basic backgrounds. If you are interested, use the Contact us form and contact Dodenonnonisos on the GMC. Please include samples of your work.
Regards, the Liquid Gear team

Game Maker GUI System added at 2009-12-23 9:12
We're happy to announce that the Game Maker GUI System has been uploaded and is now available for download from our Game assets page. Hope you enjoy it!
Regards, the Liquid Gear team

Web page functional at 2009-12-19 17:00
The web page finally has a host! It's now operational and usable by anyone who passes by. Enjoy the little we have to offer at the moment.
Regards, the Liquid Gear team